Windows Media 9 Series (Visualization)
Windows Media 9 Series Rhythm And Waves

The one and only "Rhythm and Waves" preset from the Windows Media 9 Series visualization.

Versions Available for: 9 Series, 10, 11
Current Status: 3rd Party Visualization
Developed by: Averett & Associates and Microsoft
Years Available: 2003 - 2006
Random Preset: No
Related Visualizations: Windows Media Player 10 (Visualization)
Full-Screen Controls No (WMP 9 Series and 10)/Yes (WMP 11)

Windows Media 9 Series was a downloadable visualization for Windows Media Player 9, 10, and 11. It originally appeared in the Windows Media Player 9 Series. This visualization featured city lights and 3D blue ocean waves.

This visualization was first available for download for Windows Media Player 9 Series back in 2003. Sometimes, it can even make Windows Media Player crash when viewing it one-two many times. However, this download is no longer available on the Microsoft website.


  • Rhythm and Waves