The Battery visualization, set to the "Randomization" preset.
Versions Available in: 8, 9 Series, 10, 11, 12
Current Status: Current
Developed by: Averrett & Microsoft
Years Available: 2001 -
Random Preset: Yes
Related Visualizations: Alchemy, Ambience
Full-Screen Controls No (WMP 8, 9 series, 10)/Yes (WMP 11 and 12)

Battery is a current visualization in Windows Media Player, featuring many different wave shapes, color hues, and backgrounds. It first appeared in Windows Media Player 8 and still remains listed as a current and selectable visualization to this day. Battery has a large number of presets, adding up to a total of twenty-six presets. That's twice the amount of presets that Ambience has since it has thirteen presets instead. One of the presets is titled "Randomization". Randomization is the random preset for this visualization. Battery also has a former "sister" visualization originally from 1999, known as Ambience. Other visualizations, such as Alchemy and 3D Alchemy are also relatively similar. All of these visualizations, including Battery, are in the Ambience Family.


  1. Randomization (Random Preset)
  2. Brightsphere
  3. Dance of the Freaky Circles
  4. Cominatcha
  5. Cottonstar
  6. Dandelionaid
  7. Drinkdeep
  8. Eletriarnation
  9. Event Horizon
  10. Hizodge
  11. Gemstonematrix
  12. Sepiaswirl
  13. Illuminator
  14. I See the Truth
  15. Kaleidovision
  16. Chemicalnova
  17. Lotus
  18. Green is Not Your Enemy
  19. Relatively Calm
  20. Sleepyspray
  21. Smoke or Water?
  22. Spider's Last Moment...
  23. Strawberryaid
  24. The World
  25. My Tornado is Resting
  26. Back to the Groove